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    China Wafer Type Centerline Butterfly Valve manufacturers (Bản đồ)
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    Ningjin APC Industries, a leading manufacturer specialized in development and production of Fire Protection Valves, Industrial Valves, and Marine Valves in North China, was established in 1997 as well as the valves research center which collects more than 30 engineers, including 10 senior engineers and 2 American experts.
    APC Industries possesses its own foundry, machine workshop, coating workshop, assembling workshop, and quality control system. With the advanced manufacturing facilities and experience from daily production practice, we can offer our customers OEM/ODM Service.
    Under the management of ISO System, APC has won many international certificates, like API 6D, API 609, CE, PED, AD, DNV, LR, BV, especially FM/UL in Fire Protection Industry.
    APC currently provides the following FM/UL Valves and service:
    1. FM/UL/ULC Standard 200PSI Rising Gate Valve, including Flanged End, Flanged*Grooved, and Grooved End type
    2. FM/UL/ULC Standard 200PSI Non-Rising Gate Valve including Flanged End, Flanged*Grooved, and Grooved End type
    3. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Rising Gate Valve
    4. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Non-Rising Gate Valve
    5. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Swing Check Valve
    6. FM/UL/ULC Standard Vertical Type Indicator
    7. FM/UL/ULC Standard Wall Type Indicator
    8. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Grooved Butterfly Valve
    9. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Wafer Butterfly Valve
    10. FM/UL Standard Hydrant
    The products above are only for fire protection use. For other kind of products, please log on our website at www.apc-valve.com or contact us. We'd like to grow together with you.China Wafer Type Centerline Butterfly Valve manufacturers
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